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Allows Standing and Moving for Any Size Person

Used for Any Size Person

Front view for standing

Lays Down for Easy Access

Small child with large power board

Small child with large power board close up view

Omni location

Swingaway hip & tray mount

Tash Interface with Omni.

Total Power Off Location

Tray Hip Adjustment location

Tray with joystick mounting

Up and Down Manual Sw

1. Allow standing and driving.
2. 450lb lifting capacity.
3. Turns within its own circumference.
4. Operates with joystick or switches.

How To Use The Power Board:
1. Lay the power board down into a horizontal position.
2. Use a transfer board to move your client from chair to the transfer board.
3. Strap your client at the knee, hips, and chest.(put a pillow under the persons head)
4. Once the client is positioned hit the up/down switch behind the large board and raise it to a standing position.
5. Slide the arm/tray support up or down making sure the elbow is @ 90 degrees.
6. Install the extended tray support into the arm supports.
7. Lay the tray on the arms and tighten the straps under the knobs behind the stander.
8. This procedure is just a suggestion.
One arm might have to be removed when transferring a person from there chair to the large power stander board.